yoga for motherhood

Our Approach

We create empowering yoga experiences to revitalize and restore wellbeing on all levels. With an emphasis on yoga for motherhood, we offer specialist expertise in prenatal and postnatal yoga as well as yoga for young children.

From our park-side location in Menlo Park and Redwood City classes include Yoga for Moms, Prenatal Yoga, Yogi Cubs, and Bloom: mindfulness for motherhood. 


In addition, we offer our signature Mama Elixir program - uniquely designed to support women as they transition into and through motherhood. 




Yogi Mamas

Nurturing you through pregnancy, into motherhood and beyond.



Our Yogi Mamas-to-Be class is designed to empower and support you throughout your pregnancy.

Using movement, breath and mindfulness you’ll strengthen, nurture and prepare your body and mind for birth and the transition into motherhood.


Learn practical techniques to assist you during childbirth and enjoy the benefits of improved sleep, circulation and overall vitality. 


Classes are tailored to each trimester and personalised for your condition to ensure a safe, unique experience.


Postnatal Yoga helps you to restore vitality and find calm in the midst of motherhood. 

Focused on healing the postpartum body whilst strengthening the body to cater for the physical demands of caring for your little one. Classes also integrate mindfulness, meditation and breathwork to support the emotional and mental transition during the first year of your child's life.  

This class is taught both as a 'Baby Free' class for mums who can create a self-care and as a 'Mummy & Baby' class in conjunction with YogiBabes. 



Create a little yogi for life whilst rejuvenating your mind and body.


Movement + mindfulness helps little ones develop social-emotional qualities alongside gross and fine motor skills. 

These dynamic, fun classes integrate yoga poses, music and mindfulness activities to help little ones discover calm, confidence and more. 



Movement + Mindfulness for women and children. We believe happy, healthy moms are good for the planet.

We believe in empowering moms and their little ones by creating revitalizing, uplifting yoga experiences. 



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