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Empowering, preparing and supporting you through your pregnancy and into birth. 

Integrating a strong yoga flow, breath and mindfulness you’ll strengthen, nurture and prepare body and mind for birth and motherhood.


Learn practical techniques to support you during birth - with birth plan may be. 

Prenatal yoga can reduce symptoms often associated with pregnancy including lower back pain, leg cramps, stress, pelvic pain and sleep issues.  

This class caters to all fitness levels and first time yogis. Each class offers options to tailor the class to your trimester and unique pregnancy. 


Baby Yoga

Support your baby's physical and social-emotional development.


Baby yoga has shown to improve digestion, promote better sleep, reduce the signs of reflux and foster self-soothing techniques.


Each class integrates baby yoga, baby massage and sensory play in a relaxed, gentle and safe environment.

*Caregivers welcome

Yogi Babies


Nurturing you through the early months of motherhood. The next-gen mothers group!


This gentle, supportive class supports the physical, mental and emotional needs of new mothers - helping you feel empowered and revitalized.


With a foundation in mindfulness and restorative yoga - gentle stretches, pelvic floor exercises, breathwork and meditation help new moms adjust to motherhood and life with a new baby.  

Learn baby yoga and massage techniques to help soothe, calm and comfort - all as you connect with other new moms in a supportive, safe and inclusive environment. 

New Mama


A playful practice to nurture a happy, calm toddler and support their growing body.


These classes promote good posture, functional movement and healthy development. Toddler Yoga has been proven to improve co-ordination, balance, build self-confidence and develop resilience.


​Classes include yoga (asana) poses, mindfulness techniques and social-emotional activities.


Yogi Cubs

Postnatal Yoga

Restore your vitality and find calm in the midst of motherhood. 

Focused on rehabilitating the postpartum body this class helps you cater for the physical, mental and emotional demands of motherhood. Special emphasis is given to the pelvic floor and core recovery. 


Classes integrate mindfulness, meditation and pranayama to support you during the first year of your child's life.  


This class supports women recovering from all birth experiences as well as those with pelvic floor issues, diastasis recti and more. 

Yogi Mama


Whether you're trying to conceive or looking for tween or teen yoga classes we offer a range of private, semi-private and group sessions.


Taught in-home or another space of your choosing, treat yourself to yoga bliss at a time and place that suits you and your family. 

Private 1:1 & Group

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