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Create a

Little Yogi 

for life

 - a kind, confident and empowered child with
powerful inner resources to call on even when
they're all grown up!


Yoga is for everyone – you’re never too young to start!

We believe in cultivating kind, confident and empowered children.  Our Little Yogis programs foster these qualities along with promoting the physical benefits of yoga for children 6+ weeks of age.

Current research has shown kids yoga helps to 

  • improve co-ordination, posture and balance 

  • develop self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem

  • develop strength, functional stability and healthy flexibility

  • build compassion, resilience and concentration. 

Our classes build on developmentally appropriate yoga (asana) poses and include yoga-inspired storytelling, games, music and creative arts to engage the "whole brain" in a fun, safe and creative environment. Our baby yoga also integrates sensory play and massage. 

We believe in the inclusivity of yoga. We teach a non-secular style of yoga that focuses on social-emotional learning. 



Our play-based yoga classes integrate functional movement with mindfulness activities. Each week we explore a different social-emotional quality e.g. kindness. 


At a physical level, Toddler Yoga supports growing bodies, promotes good posture and helps to stabilise core muscles, which is integral to healthy development. 


Toddler Yoga has been shown to improve co-ordination and balance, promote healthy sleeping patterns and build self-confidence. 


During class caregivers and toddlers learn techniques to help young children practice mindfulness, develop  concentration and social-emotional skills.

Suitable for ages 1-5.

Check out our Parent & Toddler yoga class to! 

Menlo Park & Redwood City

Pregnancy Yoga


Revitalize your body and mind as you introduce your baby to the benefits of yoga in this dynamic, playful class. 


Stimulate baby's physical, cognitive and social-emotional development with gentle movements, baby massage and mindfulness activities all set to music and rhyme.


Baby yoga has shown to aid digestion, promote better sleep, reduce the signs of reflux and foster self-soothing techniques.


Strengthen your core, relieve physical tension and learn mindfulness techniques to foster calm at home - all in a safe, supportive community of new moms, dads and little ones.

Suitable for babies from 6+ weeks to crawling. 

Menlo Park & Redwood City



Nurture your baby's physical, cognitive and emotional development through play-based functional yoga and mindfulness.


Baby yoga has shown to aid digestion, promote better sleep, reduce the signs of reflux and foster calming techniques. 

Each class integrates developmentally appropaite baby yoga, baby massage, mindfulness and sensory play in a relaxed, gentle and safe environment.

Suitable for babies 6+ weeks through to crawling. 

Check out our Parent & Baby yoga class to! 

*Caregiver participation is required and caters to all fitness levels. 


Semi-Private Only



Redwood City & Menlo Park

Discover the fun and joy of yoga together in this lively, playful class!

Through dynamic, playful practice parents build strength, release tension and develop practical methods to foster calm - in a safe, inclusive environment.

Woven into each class is a themed adventure exploring yoga and mindfulness through movement, activities, music and storytelling. With an emphasis on developing social-emotional skills alongside physical wellbeing. 


Toddler yoga helps to develop gross and fine motor skills, good posture, memory and concentration, and self-calming techniques.

Suitable for ages 1-4 and parents of all fitness levels.


Mother and Son on Yoga Mat

for Mom & Baby 

Redwood City & Menlo Park

Nurturing you through the early months of motherhood. 


This gentle, supportive class supports the physical, mental and emotional needs of new mothers - helping you feel empowered and revitalized.


With a foundation in mindfulness and restorative yoga - gentle stretches, pelvic floor exercises, breathwork and meditation help new moms adjust to motherhood and life with a new baby.  

We'll introduce baby yoga, massage and other techniques to help soothe, calm and comfort.


Connect with other new moms in a supportive, safe and inclusive environment.

for Moms & Infants (0-12m)



coming soon II pre-register

We offer semi-private group classes for children aged 5+, along with tween and teen yoga.

These sessions are tailored to include developmentally appropriate yoga and mindfulness continuing to build on the social-emotional skills taught in our younger classes. 

Sessions can be tailored to focus on particular areas such as partner yoga, or self-confidence. 

We also offer kids yoga workshops and daycare/school classes. 

If you'd like to learn more contact us directly. 


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