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  • Do you offer drop-ins?
    Yes! All our classes hosted by The City of Menlo Park offer drop-ins. Please contact us ahead of time to reserve a mat if you will not be bringing your own. The City of Redwood City does not currently offer drop-ins.
  • Can I make-up a class?
    Yes! We try to be as flexible as possible. You can make-up a class by attending any other available class on schedule during the same session (i.e Winter Session). Class must be held at the same location (i.e City of MP/ RWC). Classes cannot be rolled into a subsequent session (i.e Winter to Spring) You must email to arrange the make-up class, please specify the preferred class and date. Please refer to our partners for cancellation policies.
  • CLASS BLOCKS: Can I enrol after the block of classes start?
    Yes!! You can attend a make-up class for any missed class. Class must be held at the same location. Email to arrange.
  • What do I need to bring to a class?
    PRENATAL & YOGAMAMAS Please bring a water bottle and light wrap. We provide mats and props. YOGIBABIES Please bring a muslin or small blanket to lay your baby on. You may also like to dress your baby in an outfit that they has their hands and feet uncovered so that they can discover the full sensory experience. You are welcome to bring anything else you need for your baby though please keep in mind space is limited.
  • What do I (or my baby) wear to class?
    The room is heated to 22'c (and cooled in summer) to ensure a comfortable climate to practice in. YOGIBABES We suggest something comfortable like that your baby can easily move around in. Babies LOVE their hands and feet so it's a good idea to have them wear something which will allow them to enjoy this full sensory experience. YOGIMAMAS (Pre & Postnatal) It's not what you wear on the mat that counts. There's plenty of cutting edge yogi fashion but we're just as happy in a simple pair of black leggings and a good old cotton tank top. Wear something you can easily move in and makes you feel comfortable. We encourage bare feet but you are welcome to wear non-slip socks. You'll definitely warm up so we suggest layering.
  • Do you offer kids yoga classes?
    Currently we offer classes for Yogi Cubs (2-5 years). We're launching YogiBears (age 4-9) in Spring 2020 and offer small group Tween yoga by appointment. If you''re interested in these classes and/or would like to offer these in your daycare, school or home please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.
  • Do you offer 'normal' yoga classes?
    Not currently. I am a Yoga Alliance Registered and trained Yoga Instructor with a focus on Vinyasa Yoga so I can (and did) teach regular classes. However, my specialty and focus is on women transitioning into and through motherhood and their children. This is a particularly unique area that requires a deep knowledge and skillset in order to safely and constructively teach. This is why I have invested time and training into attaining and maintaing certification (RYPT). If you're interested in private classes please contact me to discuss your requirements and I'd be happy to assist with a recommendation.
  • Why do I need to pre-book classes?
    Our City classes are managed and administered by the City of Menlo Park and the City of Redwood City. Generally these are taught as 4-week (sometimes longer) sessions to develop continuity and community. The City of Menlo Park does allow drop-ins subject to availability. We offer a limited number of sessions which our booking system helps simplify for you. With an integrated payment system it also makes things a lot quicker - simply book and pay for your session, no last minute searching for your wallet. You can re-schedule up to 24hrs prior (and we'll always try to accomodate extenuating circumstances too).
  • It’s my first class, do I need to do anything? "
    Please visit our new clients page to complete our in-take form.
  • What is the cancellation period?
    If you've booked directly through our studio partners we honor their cancellation policy and cannot make exceptions. We ask you to be mindful that your spot on the mat is that - yours. You can cancel up to 24 hours prior to a class and we'll always try to accomodate extenuating circumstances. We know pregnancy and babies can be topsy-turvy so we have tried to make our policy and booking system as flexible and easy as possible.
  • What training does the teacher have?
    Rebecca is a Yoga Alliance RYT200 and RPYT teacher with certifications in Pregnancy, Postnatal and Children's Yoga. Rebecca trained at Yogaworks in New York, Apple Yoga in London and Little Flower Yoga in New York. She has also furthered her studies with mentors in Bali, Sydney and Melbourne. Please see Rebecca's bio here for a full list of qualifications.
  • What if I need to (breast)feed my baby?
    Feed away! We're a mommy friendly class. If you're breastfeeding you are welcome to continue to be part of the class. If you're bottle feeding, that works too. A core part of the yoga philosophy is non-judgement. So however you're feeding and when ever you need to feed, you can expect compassion and acceptance from all of us.
  • Eek, but what if my baby cries?!"
    That may happen if so, don't worry. There's a lot going on in their little minds and bodies they need to tell us about. Rebecca's yogi baby ofted cried at some point of her practice - not even yoga teachers are exempt from crying babies. Seconds later he would be gleefully smiling through his cobra or down dog attempts. Now even as a toddler, some days yoga happens more than others. A core part of the yoga philosophy is non-judgement. So you can expect compassion and acceptance from all of us. In my experience, it's more stressful for the mamas than the babies when there's crying going on. So leave that worry at the door. Rebecca will offer you some yoga ideas to soothe little ones especially if there's wind, colic, growing pains or restlesness to blame. However, you know your baby best so please feel free to do what you need and continue to be part of the class. Remember - stay calm! Your baby responds to your emotions. Honestly, we don't mind and know you're both doing your best!
  • I'm a Dad, can I attend class?"
    Absolutely!! We welcome dads (and all carers) to our YogiBabies classes. Little ones love having daddy time and this is a wonderful way to help dads bond with their tiny humans. In order to provide moms a safely, nurturing environment only women (or those who identify as women) attend our prenatal and postnatal classes. If Dad would like to do yoga, a couples or family semi-private session at home (with or without the little ones) is an ideal way to connect, unwind and revitalize together.
  • I’m due soon, what if I give birth before I attend all my classes?"
    Firstly, we’ll wish you congratulations! Then, we’ll invite you to join Bloom: for new moms, our postnatal yoga class and/or our Yoga for Moms class. Email to discuss the best option. We are always flexible when it comes to our mamas-to-be.
  • I'm pregnant, can I do yoga?"
    Yes! Just as long as you've spoken to your OBGYN or primary care provider to ensure they can advise of any risks or contraindications. Please be sure to advise your instructor of any changes to you or your babies health during your pregnancy. Yoga can be safely practiced by 99% of pregnant women. From time to time certain conditions may limit your practice, in this case a private session can be perfect for creating a safe, tailored program.
  • I am pregnant with multiples (twins, triplets etc), can I attend a class?"
    Yes! As long as you've had the tick of approval from your Obgyn. Please advise your instructor of any changes to your health during pregnancy. Keep in mind, there's a lot going on in your mama-body during pregnancy, especially carrying multiples. So we suggest listening to your body - pay extra attention to the breath and move slowly. Yoga can be a FANTASTIC way to support your changing body and prepare for birth and life beyond.
  • Is it true I can't do yoga in the first trimester?
    Not entirely. There's a perception women should be wrapped in cotton wool in their first trimester, primarily because miscarriage is at its highest. It is true some women may not be able to continue exercise including yoga particularly if they have had a history of miscarriage, complications and/or other health issues. However, most women who have spoken with their medical practioner will be able to continue with gentle, moderate exercise including yoga as long as it has been modified by qualified instructor. In other words - a prenatal class taught by a certified prenatal yoga instructor is the best yoga class to attend. They'll ensure you modify the practice appropriately and offer guidance to help you adjust to many of the symptoms that are associated with the first trimester including fatigue, nausea and headaches. Our prenatal classes are suitable for women who have completed their initial 8-week scan and have been given the 'green-light' by their Obgyn or primary care provider. Rebecca takes the highest care with her clients to ensure your body (and unborn baby) is given the respect, care and encouragement needed during this important stage of pregnancy. Ultimately, it is always up to the individual. If you would like to discuss your condition or concerns please contact us using the form below.
  • I had a cesarean section delivery, can I attend a class?"
    Absolutely! Please be sure to have a 'green-light' from your Obgyn before attending. Our certified instructors have specialist experience working with women recovering from c-section deliveries and will offer appropraite recommendations to support your healing and recovery.
  • I have a post-baby tummy, will yoga help?"
    Yes. Firstly, you want to be assessed by your PT or Obgyn to check for diastasis recti. Often women think they have excess pregnancy weight to lose when in truth, they have a tear in the abdominal muscles that needs to be safely and correctly rehabilitated. Postnatal yoga focuses on healing, supporting and strengthening your postpartum body. Regular practice in conjunction with cardio exercise and proper nutrition will help reduce that post-baby tummy. Additionally, if you do have diastasis recti, Rebecca's postnatal classes will support your recovery.
  • I have diastasis recti, can I do yoga?"
    Yes! If taught safely, by an experienced and properly trained postnatal teacher you can actually help support your body's recovery. There are specific exercises Rebecca can teach you to help repair your gap and strengthen the surrounding areas to prevent further damage is done. Further, it's vitally important whether in yoga or other exercise you avoid certain movements such as plank and abdominal crunches if you have been diagnosed with diastasis recti.
  • I have post-natal depression, will yoga help?"
    Yes, most likely! Yoga has proven benefits in helping with all forms of depression. However, it is important you firstly seek professional help through your primary care provider to ensure you are receiving the right support and to ensure you and your baby's wellbeing is being properly cared for. Yoga is NOT a replacement for mental health treatment. Oxytocin helps you to relax and reduces blood pressure and cortisol levels. Yoga is well recognised for its ability to release this 'feel-good' hormone and built in anti-stress mechanism. In yoga, we practice deep breathing to warm the body, and warmth is one of the key elements that allow us to release Oxytocin. By taking the body through the practice of yoga asana (postures) we warm the muscles and joints, making the physical body more comfortable and relaxed. By then ending the practice with savasana (deep relaxation) and meditation, we encourage the production of oxytocin even further.
  • I have 'little leaks' and/or other pelvic floor issues
    We get it. We've been there too. Our bodies go through a lot during pregnancy and birth. The pelvic floor needs support as it recovers and heals. Whether it's a weak pelvic floor, prolapse or a hypertonic pelvic floor our prenatal and postnatal yoga classes are designed to support healthy pelvic floor use. In all instances, we recommend consulting a pelvic floor physical therapist. We can recommend our favorites! Yoga isn't a replacement for proper medical care, but we'll do our best to support the process.
  • What if my toddler is distracted?
    Most likely the first class (or two) they'll seem less engaged than you may have hoped. They're actually aclimatizing. It's normal. And it's ok. Then around the second or third class they feel safe and their brains have caught up. Toddler brains are amazing sponges - you'll be astonished what they absorb in class and show off to Grandma!
  • What if my child can't (won't) do the poses?
    That's ok! We each learn and process information differently. We are also different personalities. Our teachers know how to guide and support different developmental stages and tailor the class to include all our Yogi Friends. Some kids like to jump straight in, others like to watch and learn before they give it a go. In yoga, trying a pose is more important than the perfect pose.
  • My child doesn't sit still.
    Nor does mine! Depending on their age they might only be capable of 30 sec of quiet or still time. But, once they engage with a mindfulness activities you'll be amazed at how that shifts! Don't worry if they wiggle, chatter, run around. Practice presence and let us transform any chaos!
  • Can my caregiver attend?
    Yes! We welcome all caregivers - parents, grandparents, nannies and neighbours. Please be sure to have them fill out our in-take form and let us know in advance if a different caregiver will be accompanying your child.
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